Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rage Appropriate

I needed a frock for an upcoming event, so, despite the fact shopping for anything but books, groceries, and greeting cards gives me hives, I hit the stores.

After trying on twenty-one dresses, two skirts, and three evening jackets, I slipped into a dress I didn't hate when I looked in the mirror. The saleswoman, who'd already proven her worth with remarks such as, "No," accompanied by a pained expression. "Not right," followed by a shake of her head, and "That jacket's wearing you," looked at me and nodded. "Good."

Reader, I bought it.

Later, at home, I tried it on for my husband. Am I the pathetic, insecure type who needs outside validation when it comes to clothing choices? Yes

Hubs blinked, cleared his throat, blinked some more. He's of the If you can't say something nice, don't say anything, school. I know that, yet I pressed.

"You think it's an old lady dress, don't you?"

More blinking and throat clearing. "I think the dress is age appropriate."


How many times had I used "age appropriate" to convince then-teen daughters to change out of what looked like hooker clothes? Karma's got a long memory, and she insists on payback.

I'm not returning the dress but might take up the hem an inch or two. What's more, I'm now determined to buy a pair of four-inch heels—from Rockport, a company usually associated with thick-soled walking shoes. The heels come with a thirty-day "walkability" guarantee. How age appropriate is that?

Have you done/bought anything age inappropriate recently?


Lark Howard said...

Age inappropriate is sort of where I live. I shop at The Gap, jeans are my wardrobe staple, and I love my biker boots and 5" platforms with studs. On the other hand, I really believe we each need to be true to our own style while adapting to less flamboyant clothing as we get older.

I'll never don a mini-skirt again (can't remember the last time I wore a skirt of any kind, actually), and tank tops and spagetti straps on anything aren't happening without a sleeved jacket or sweater of some sort. Different people have different comfort levels and tastes, and most women-of-a-certain-age know better than to flash too much skin or wear teen-age fashion.

I say, if you like it and it looks good--have at it. And, Pat, don't expect too much comfort from those 4" has a price, you know.

Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

I'm going to try on the Rockports with the 4-inch heels this weekend, Lark, and I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, you would not believe how many one-shoulder and strappy sheaths are out there.

Studded platforms and jeans are perfect on you. Meanwhile, my goal is to break out of my black slacks/white blouse rut. I'm tired of walking into a restaurant and being waved over to take a drink order.

Kay Hudson said...

I go to work in jeans and sneakers every day--thank heavens. Haven't worn a skirt of any kind in many years, more from comfort than style. My only Dress Up clothes involve black pants and black tops with gold or white trim.
I'm not sure if that's age appropriate or just dull, but as long as it's comfortable I'm happy.