Friday, February 3, 2012


Ice-fishing is not likely to make Lonely Planet's list of adventures for adrenaline junkies. Don’t get me wrong, I had a terrific time but thrilling excitement? Let’s just say my experience involved patience and beer punctuated with moments of triumph, not a long battle to reel in The Big One. Nope, nothing big was hauled up through a fishing hole like this:

Still, hiking across a frozen, snow-covered lake to sit with good people hopefully watching a lure, yeah, it was fun. The tent (or hut) was heated, the beer was cold and every few minutes a joyful shout would signal another catch. It was a catch and release crowd, happy to get a picture before slipping the walleye or perch back into the icy water.

Everyone at the Grand View Lodge told us how warm the weather was—20’s and low 30’s during the day—and that the group last year experienced minus 20 degrees the entire three days. It was plenty cold enough for me, though. Hiking the paths around the resort, trekking out on the lake to fish and climbing to the old fashioned lodge for breakfast and dinner made for an active and exhilarating retreat.

Winter with its ice and snow was lived with gusto for three shimmering days before returning to balmy Houston. Yep, seventy-two hours of winter was long enough for me! Hmmm. Hope I get invited back next year.


Colleen Thompson said...

This sounds like fun to me. Since it's heated, anyway! :)

Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

Love those pictures, Lark. Glad you were in a heated hut on the lake--and with a catch-and-release crowd. (Cleaning fish in twenty degree temps wouldn't have been much fun.) Grand View Lodge is a stunner. I want to go there!

Lark Howard said...

I think you'd have loved it, Colleen. The ambiance of the place was magical. It would make a wonderful setting for a suspense.

Lark Howard said...

Glad you enjoyed the pics, Pat. It's a wonderful place.

Sarah Andre said...

Grand View is beautiful in the summer, their floral landscaping is spectacular (a bunch of international college interns are gardners, wait-staff, beach-sport staff, etc. Very cheap labor!)

Interesting to see the pictures of the resort in the winter...glad you enjoyed yourself, but I'll take a July visit anytime over Febrrruary!

Lark Howard said...

I'd love to go in the summer, Sarah. Sounds fabulous. Maybe one day.