Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Steal This Book!!!

Saturday night my DH and I attended my local RWA chapter holiday party. It was a fun affair where everyone brought food--heavy on the desserts--and a book for a White Elephant gift. Given that about 35 of the 40 attendees were writers (the other 5 or so were husbands), books were a great replacement for the bizarre items opened and stolen in past years. There were no rules about what kind of book except it couldn't be one written by the person who brought it. Needless to say, in this bunch there was no lack of creativity in the offerings.

Among the novels, self-help, picture books, histories, biographies and humor, one book stood out. It would have even if three people hadn't brought the same title. The first copy unwrapped was stolen twice ( the maximum number of steals allowed). The second I happily unwrapped and, glaring at the thieving Heather MacAllister who took it from me, had to choose again. A whisper of encouragement told me there was yet another copy in the dwindling pile. All I had to do was figure out which package it was in. Using all my powers of deduction--by that point dulled a bit by red wine--I grabbed a Christmas striped bag and VICTORY! Not only did I get The Book but the generous Christie Craig had included a terrific craft book in the bag. No one dared steal my treasure this time.

So what was the coveted title? FIFTY SHADES OF CHICKEN. It's a cook book with some rather steamy recipes. The trailer is hilarious and gives you the "flavor" of the writing. Check it out:

By the way, no one brought that Grey book.

So what were your favorite books of 2012? Is there one you hope to get for Christmas or Hanukkah this year?


Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

Ooh! I like that trailer.

Congrats on picking out and hanging onto THE book of the evening, Lark. Wish I'd been there to see how you warded off the covetous.

Happy cooking!

Kay Hudson said...

It was a fun evening, wasn't it? I'm glad you got the book of your choice, Lark, and sorry you couldn't make it, Pat.

The trailer is a hoot (but if that's any reflection of that Grey book, I will continue to pass on it--BTW, someone did bring that one to the HBA party last night, and nobody stole it).

Did you know there is also a book out called Fifty Shade of Bacon and one involving Earl Grey Tea? Is parody a sincere form of flattery, or just a poke in the literary eye?

Sarah Andre said...

Sorry I missed the fun, but I saw the book at another party and it's a scream!

Love the trailer, I'll pass that on in FB.

At the moment I'm reading FALLEN by Karen Slaughter (first book of hers I've read) and it's going to by near the top of my 2012 list.

Also the First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones.

But all time favs this year were the 'Graveyard Queen' novels by Amanda Stevens. Really looking forward to her next installment! (April?)

Lark Howard said...

Sorry we didn't see you there, Pat. Hope to see you in January.

Lark Howard said...

Glad you enjoyed the trailer, Kay. I think the parodies are either poking fun or cashing in on the hype. I'm sure E L James is busy spending her mega-royalties and couldn't care less.

Lark Howard said...

I loved Darynda's First, Second & Third Graves, too, Sarah, but agree the Graveyard Queen books were my favorites this year. We'll have to ask Amanda when her next release is. I think she's working on a YA series too.

Louise Behiel said...

that trailer is a hoot. what an imagination.