Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's all in the presentation

I don't think of myself as a turkey purist and have been known to buy Thanksgiving dinner from the local grocery store ready to warm and serve. One year a neighbor presented me with a wild turkey he'd shot on his family's ranch and with the help of a friend, I smoked it.

The hard to make out photo above is of turkeys hanging in the window of a boucherie on Ile St. Louis in Paris. There were six of them displayed with their heads on, tail feathers spread, and feathered wings tucked at their sides. Unlike the butterballs in the frozen food department of HEB, there was no mistaking what they had once been and in fact their distinctive characteristics had been preserved for a proud hostess to present to her guests. Imagine their delight when she carries the bird to the table in all its glory. I wonder how many of my family and friends would be thrilled about such a dramatic entrance for the Thanksgiving turkey.

Maybe I should give it a try one year. Who wants to come to my house for the holidays?!


Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

Me, me! I'll come to your house for the holidays.

I'm impressed that you smoked a turkey. How many hours did it take?

The French turkeys with their turkeyness preserved give me pause. The smell of singed feathers lingers in my memory.

LOVE the photo of the shop window, though!

Louise Behiel said...

great pic, but I'll pass on the dressed turkey...

Sheila Seabrook said...

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving last month, Pat, I'd love to come to your house for the day. Meet your family. Eat your delicious cooking. I'll be there about 3:00. Does that work for you? :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lark and your families!

Sheila Seabrook said...

Gosh, Lark, I missed the fact that you wrote this post. Okay, let's say I'll be over at your house at 3:00 ... Have a happy holiday!

Lark Howard said...

You're going to have a long trip, Sheila, but come on ahead! Happy Thanksgiving!