Friday, August 10, 2012

Bacon and Chocolate – “TWINS” separated at birth.

Today my darling husband, Steve Howard, is guesting with his homage to bacon...uncensored and unedited. 

I am always amazed at the reverence everyone gives to Chocolate.  I do not find it sooo special.  I think that Bacon is just as important but it doesn't seem to attract the same respect that chocolate does. 

Today my goal is to give BACON the respect it has EARNED through longevity and hard work!!!!!!

Bacon and chocolate have many of the same qualities but from some reason if chocolate is involved it becomes glamorous.  If bacon is involved it is ordinary.  Today I want to stand up for the underdog (or PIG).

Bacon is used for cooking just like chocolate.  You can bake with bacon.  You can bake with chocolate.  You can melt chocolate.  You can use bacon grease to season.  You can shave chocolate.  Bacon bits!!!!!  See the similarities are endless.  Truly twins separated by birth.  Chocolate was definitely adopted by the wealthier family while bacon was adopted by an ordinary humble household. 

Bacon is currently trying to recapture its birthright by branching out of its typical role.  It is not just for eggs and breakfast anymore.  It is now being used in deserts and drinks.  Bacon Milk shakes, which I predict will remove the chocolate milkshake from the menu and your memory.  You now have bacon enhanced bourbon, which will also remove things from your memory.  This will soon eliminate chocolate vodka.  The battle of sibling rivalry is underway.

But bacon doesn't want you to forget that it has a compassionate side.  Bacon also plays well with others, even chocolate.  To show its solidarity, bacon is even willing to allow itself to be dipped in chocolate to show that there are no hard feelings.

I know that if the great cooking GOD Julia Childs were alive today, this  humble blog post would receive a hardy HERE! HERE!  I know that she was also a true lover of BACON.

The glamorous chocolate has received enough attention over the years.  It is now time to stand up for Bacon and give it the attention that is deserves.  Let’s hear from all of the Bacon lovers around the world. 



Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

Welcome to the blog, Steve! As it happens, I made quiche with bacon and sweet onions for dinner last night--a meal that qualifies as downright glamorous for me on a weeknight.

A little bacon flavor goes a long way, which is why it's a perfect addition to a lot of foods. No one ever complimented me on my chili until I started adding bacon--and cocoa powder. See that? Both flavors play well with others.

I want to try bacon-enhanced bourbon. But bacon milkshakes? Ewww!

Here, here for husbands who step in to write blog posts!

Nancy Kay Bowden said...

Bacon! OMG! Fun post, Steve!

We love our bacon at this house! For me, a little goes a long way but I bet it's good dipped in chocolate.

Yesterday a friend posted something that my family turned into "The Bacon Games" last night at supper. Substitute one word of movie titles for "bacon." We wound up with The Baconator and Risky Bacon among other new favorites...

Sarita Oertling said...

Steve, you can add writer/virtuoso of words to your many talents for your homage to bacon.

I loved it!


Sarah Andre said...

Delicious post, Steve...shouldn't have read it close to lunchtime because now I crave bacon and chocolate, and am staring down a packet of dry tuna on tomato slices. :(

Love both 'twin' foods: bacon for the fatty, salty, crisp texture and chocolate for fatty, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth-I-must-have-more flavor. (Fatty being the operative word in that sentence.)

Tried chocolate-covered bacon at the Oklahoma State Fair a few years back, but the bacon was so thick and undercooked you couldn't bite it...had to keep gnawing to get a piece.

Didn't know what grossed me out more, the awfulness that was in my mouth as I looked around for a trash can to spit into or the crowd around me gnawing on their strips and making the 'mmmmm!' sound.

Burger King's bacon chocolate shake is supposed to be taking the US by storm, but limited time only, so they may have pulled it already. Did not try it.

Fun post, Steve!

Lark Howard said...

I see pork products in my future.

Steve said...

Thanks for letting me stop by, Pat. Your chili sounds great--need to get your recipe.

Steve said...

Risky Bacon--good one, Nancy Kay! Bacon of the Lost Ark?

Steve said...

Lark threw out the challenge after your bacon movie titles FB post, Sarita. We bacon lovers have to stick together!!

Steve said...

I was thinking chocolate covered bacon bits, not strips, Sarah. The raw chewy bacon and chocolate does sounds gross!