Friday, July 22, 2011


Inspired by Colleen Thompson’s wonderful romantic suspense, TRIPLE EXPOSURE, I took a nine hour  road trip across Texas to Marfa. This is where much of GIANT with James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson was filmed—the parts in the Middle-of-Nowhere-Texas. But my goal was to complete a major revision in a week, so the lack of distractions (including cell service, wifi and my husband) made the little house in the quiet town a perfect retreat.
That’s not to say I didn’t have a bit of fun. Again inspired by TRIPLE EXPOSURE, I viewed the stark West Texas countryside from a glider and spent an evening looking for the Marfa Lights (unsuccessfully).

And at noon I lined up in the pavilion in the center of town, waiting my turn at the Food Shark.
Makes me want to get on I-10 and head west. On second thought, I think I'll wait until fall.

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Colleen Thompson said...

One of my favorite places (naturally!) I love the Food Shark's Marfalafel! :) And the gliders--yea! I need to do another road trip there when it cools down, too.

Joni and I were lucky enough to see the Marfa Lights on our trip. Very eerie, especially after having given them such a creepy twist in the book.

Thanks so much for the kind words on TRIPLE EXPOSURE! West Texas is definitely an inspiring locale!